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Tournament Results


Club Standings

6MBC uses a point based system.  First place gets 50 points, Second 49 ... you get the idea.

Tournament Schedule

6MBC has 2 blocks of 6 tournaments each for 2019.  1 to determine the State Team for Ga Bass Nation and 1 to determine the Top 6 Team for FLW/TBF.

Six Mile Bass Club is made up of friends and friendly competition that enjoy Bass Fishing.    We are affiliated with both BASS Nation and FLW/TBF for their respective Georgia State Tourneys.    Out of club budget, we pay for one team to attend each of the State tournaments.

We fish 12 tournaments annually in two six tournament "blocks".  

Block One is January - June and is qualification for BASS Nation State Classic.    
Block Two is July - December is qualification for FLW/TBF Top 6.    

Lake destinations are voted on by the club membership and we commonly fish Lanier, Hartwell, Burton, Chickamauga, Sinclair, Westpoint, Jackson, Guntersville, Clarks Hill, Eufaula, Oconee and Russell.

We are made up of Boaters and Non-Boaters and do a random draw prior to each tournament for pairings.  Our Points are based on finish (50 for 1st, 49 for 2nd etc)

There is an annual club membership fee to cover club fixed expenses, members are required to join BASS Nation and FLW/TBF. Tournament entry fees are $30 per tourney with 85% payout, $5 from each entry fee will go to a year-end Classic Cash pot.    Non-boaters are requested to pay the boater expenses for fuel/oil of approx. $30-$40 depending on gas prices.

We welcome you to fish with us as a guest to try us out anytime.      We are a lot less expensive than the guides on the Lake and boast multiple BASS and TBF State champions, along with State, Regional and National BASS Nation/TBF qualifiers over the last 9 years.